Community Park

  • Western Town and Playground Capital Project (with funding from GOCO)
  • Community Park Playground Grand Opening
  • Paved road into park and parking lots
  • Restroom constructed
  • Bike flow trail constructed by Grand Valley Fire Protection District
  • Concrete sidewalks • Sign for park entrance
  • Canopies installed above picnic tables
  • Architect hired to develop plan for pavilion
  • Additional sidewalks for internal and surrounding park
  • Solar lights installed in 2019

Battlement Mesa Golf Club

Golf Course

  • Irrigation System in conjunction with assistance from URSA
  • Level 12 tee boxes
  • Paved upper parking lot
  • Ordered new computers and installed new Point of Sale software
  • Pro-Shop Retail area expansion and new flooring
  • Purchased new sprayer and club cart • Purchased 60 new carts in 2018, which save on fuel costs
  • Sign for golf entrance
  • Constructed new refrigeration area for restaurant
  • Purchased new appliances for restaurant
  • Greens/tee mowers & maintenance carts
  • Repaved lower parking lot
  • New rough and greens mowers
  • Daisy Ditch metering and water rights
  • Cart Paths - partial
  • Irrigation system capital project: Front & back nine

Grand Valley Recreation Center

  • Constructed new sauna
  • Increased Room Rentals
  • Striped parking lot
  • Painted pickleball lines on tennis courts
  • Removed fountain in front of Center due to water loss
  • Repainted and made room divider repairs in Grand Valley Room
  • Re-plastered entire pool
  • Installed new concrete on pool deck-tile was chipped and sharp
  • Installed new fire system (with funding from FMLD)
  • Ordered new exercise equipment • Installed new TVs with headsets
  • Consolidated sports programs to decrease expense
  • Numerous expenditures for sports equipment
  • Sign for rec center entrance
  • New computers-had been running on Windows 7
  • Pool slides & hot tub repairs
  • Furniture & office equipment
  • Replaced boiler
  • ADA lift for pool & pool blanket
  • HVAC
  • New ceiling-Grand Valley Room
Grand valley Recreation Center