Request for Proposal

Parachute Battlement Mesa Park and Recreation District 
Request for Proposals No. 21-001 

To Develop a Parks and Recreation Master Plan 

Proposals Due: October 11, 2021 
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The Parachute Battlement Mesa Park and Recreation District seek proposals from qualified consulting firms to  provide professional services to the District to develop a Parks and Recreation Master Plan. The plan would  be done in two phases and will create a roadmap for ensuring an appropriate balance of facilities and  amenities throughout the community now and into the future. The District is seeking a system-wide approach  to evaluating parks, open spaces, golf course, and recreational facilities to develop goals, policies, and  guidelines along with achievable strategies.  

The Parks and Recreation Master Plan created from phases one and two will be heavily used as a resource for  future development and redevelopment of the District's parks, open space, golf course, and recreation system  over the next five years to ten years.  


The Parachute Battlement Mesa Park and Recreation District is located in the western portion of Garfield  County. The District has benefited from the substantial growth of the region in the last twenty years.  

Historically an agricultural area, the District has developed into a dynamic and involved community, making  it a highly desirable place to call home for families and retirees. Parachute Battlement Mesa Park and  Recreation District is a diverse population estimated to be more than 6,708 residents. Parachute Battlement  Mesa Park and Recreation District's recent residential boom is now being complicated by Oil and Gas  development downturn. Developments in the District and the heritage of the surrounding region have also  made it attractive to tourists. According to the 2019 U.S. Census update for Garfield County, Parachute  Battlement Mesa Park and Recreation District's demographic makeup is as follows:  


  • White 67.0% 
  • Hispanic (all races) 26.2% 
  • Native American (non-Hispanic)/Other and two or more (non-Hispanic) 2.9% 
  • Other 3.9% 

Median Income:  

  • $64,748 
  • Roughly 4% of families live in poverty  

Median Age:  

  • 36.9  

Project Description 

The Parachute Battlement Mesa Park and Recreation District seek proposals from qualified consulting firms to  provide professional services to develop a Parks and Recreation Master Plan in a phased approach. The  District has a solid commitment to providing high-quality parks and recreation facilities and programs for  citizens of the community. The Consultant will collect and analyze data to develop a clear set of goals,  policies, and standards for the District's park system, open space, trails, golf course, recreation facilities, and  program development for the next five years to ten years. The Consultant will work closely with District staff  and citizen focus groups in preparing the Parks and Recreation Master Plan. The Consultant will create a  document for distribution to the public.  

The Parks and Recreation Master Plan will become an element of the current Parachute Battlement Mesa Park  and Recreation District Service Plan. It will require the approval of the Parks and Recreation Board. 

In the first phase of the master plan, the District would like to answer three questions: 

  1. What do we have, i.e., a comprehensive inventory of what facilities and land the District owns or manages? 
  2. How does the District compares to other districts of similar size and amenities? 
  3. What does that community want to see the District provide, i.e., programs, services, improvements? 

Phase One Scope of Work: 

Public Process 

  • Identify, describe and implement a comprehensive strategy and methodology for citizen involvement  in this Master Plan development process. 
  • Assure the residents, user groups, associations, and other stakeholders are provided an opportunity to  participate in the development of this plan via meetings and surveys. 
  • Conduct at least three (3) public community meetings and a minimum of two (2) focus groups  (participants to be determined) and individual stakeholder interviews. 
  • A minimum of two (2) meetings with the Parks and Recreation Board to provide progress reports.
  • Act as professional facilitators to gather specific information about services, use, preferences, agency  strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. 
  • Provide well-organized and directed activities, techniques, and formats to achieve a positive, open, and  proactive public participation process. 
  • Provide written records and summaries of the results of all public process and communications  strategies. 
  • Provide methods to hear from as many people as possible, including users and non-users of the  District.  

Statistically Valid Survey 

  • Provide a District-wide statistically valid community needs assessment survey with a return rate that  accurately represents a sampling of the community population to identify community needs and issues  on the recreation and park programs and facilities. This survey will be used as a baseline to determine  needs, desires, and willingness to pay.

District Asset Mapping 

  • Create a map of district boundaries. 
  • Create a map of each facility. 
  • Create a map showing all District own or leased properties. 
  • Create a comprehensive map showing district boundaries; District owns/leased land, water rights, and  easements. 

Progress Reporting 

  • The Consultant and the District's Project Advisory Committee shall hold progress meetings as often  as necessary, but in no case, less than once per month until the District board approves the phase  plan. The Consultant shall supply the Project Advisory Committee with at least one (1) copy of all  completed or partially completed reports, studies, forecasts, maps, or plans as deemed necessary by  the Project Manager at least three (3) working days before each progress meeting. The Project  Manager shall schedule the meetings, as necessary, at key times during the development of the phase  Master Plan. 

Development of Final Plans and Supporting Materials 

  • The Master Plan must include written goals, objectives, and policy statements that articulate a clear  vision and "road map" and model for the Parks and Recreation Department's future. Charts, graphs, maps, and other data as needed to support the plan and its presentation to the  appropriate audiences. 
  • One (1) meeting with the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board at the time of adoption of the Master  Plan. 
  • A minimum of two (2) meetings with the District board, one at the time of the presentation of the draft  phase one Master Plan, and one at the adoption of the final phase one Master Plan. 
  • A color version of the draft Master Plan document consisting of six (6) printed and bound color copies and an electronic copy in a format compatible with the District's software. 
  • A color version of the final Master Plan document consisting of six (6) printed and bound color copies  and an electronic copy in a PDF format. 
  • A color version of the final Executive Summary consisting of six (6) printed copies and an electronic  version in a PDF format.  
  • Provide a cost estimate for programs, services, improvements that are identified.  

Note: The Consultant shall review with the District's Project Advisory Committee all prepared information  for the public meeting at least three (3) days before the scheduled meetings. 

Items to be provided by the Parachute Battlement Mesa Park and Recreation District 

  • A District selected Project Advisory Committee.  
  • Copies of all existing studies, plans, programs, and other data, including the Parachute Battlement  Mesa Park and Recreation District Comprehensive General Plan and access to all relevant records.
  • Assistance with ongoing community meetings.  

All proposals should include the following background information: 

  • A Letter of Submission shall include the name, address, and telephone number of the person(s)  authorized to represent the firm legally. Any confidential material contained in the proposal shall be indicated and marked as "Confidential." 
  • Background on the firm and its experience in preparing Master Plans for public agencies. Of particular  interest are engagements involving communities that have characteristics similar to the Parachute  Battlement Mesa Park and Recreation District. 
  • A narrative that presents the services the firm would provide detailing the approach, methodology,  deliverables, and client meetings. 
  • Identification of the personnel to be assigned to this engagement, including a résumé of related  experience. 
  • A timeline for preparation and implementation of the phase one Master Plan and its components. A summary of professional liability and errors and omission insurance coverage the firm maintains. A minimum of five (5) public agency references for projects similar to this project and a description of the projects shall be described and minimally include client, location, contact person, contact  information (telephone/e-mail address), and a summary description of the project. 
  • Provide in a separate sealed envelope the project cost for services in an itemized work format. The  project cost for services shall be a "not-to-exceed cost for services." 
  • Illegal Aliens. The Consultant certifies that the Consultant shall comply with the provisions of Section 8- 17.5-101 et seq., C.R.S. The Consultant shall not knowingly employ or contract with an illegal alien to  perform work under this Agreement or enter into an agreement with a sub Consultant that knowingly  employs or contracts with an illegal alien. The Consultant represents, warrants, and agrees that it has  confirmed the employment eligibility of all employees who are newly hired for employment to  perform work under this Agreement through participation in either the E-Verify Program or the  Department Program described in Section 8-17.5-101, C.R.S. The Consultant shall not use either the E Verify Program or the Department Program procedures to undertake pre-employment screening of job  applicants. At the same time, the public contract for services is being performed. Suppose the  Consultant obtains actual knowledge that a sub Consultant performing work under this Agreement  knowingly employs or contracts with an illegal alien. In that case, the Consultant shall: (i) notify the  sub Consultant and the District within three (3) days that the Consultant has actual knowledge that the  sub Consultant is employing or contracting with an illegal alien; and (ii) terminate the subcontract with  the sub Consultant if, within three (3) days of receiving such notice, the sub Consultant does not stop  employing or contracting with the illegal alien, unless the sub Consultant provides information to  establish that the sub Consultant has not knowingly employed or contracted with an illegal alien. The  Consultant shall comply with all reasonable requests made during an investigation by the Colorado  Department of Labor and Employment. If the Consultant fails to comply with any requirement of  Section 8-17.5-102(2), C.R.S., the District may terminate this Agreement for breach, and the  Consultant shall be liable for actual and consequential damages to the District. If the  Consultant participates in the Department Program, the Consultant shall provide the affirmation  required under Section 8-17.5-102(5)(c)(II), C.R.S., to the District. 
  • The Contractor, if operating as a sole proprietor, hereby swears or affirms under penalty of perjury that  the Consultant(i) is a citizen of the United States or legal permanent resident or otherwise lawfully  present in the United States pursuant to federal law, (ii) shall comply with the provisions of Section 24- 76.5-101 et seq., C.R.S., and (iii) shall produce one of the forms of identification required by Section 24- 76.5-103, C.R.S., prior to the performance of any of its other obligations hereunder. 

Proposal Response 

The proposal submitted shall contain all information as requested herein and any additional information  necessary to summarize the overall benefit of the proposal to the District. Proposing firms should submit six (6) copies of the proposal no later than 4:00 pm, October 11, 2021.  

Submittals should be directed to:  

Adam L. Ford, Board Vice President  
Parachute Battlement Mesa Park and Recreation District 

398 Arroyo Drive 

Parachute, CO 81635 

The proposal submittal shall be taken as prima facie evidence that the proposing individual/firm has complete knowledge of the scope, nature, quality, and quantity of the project to be performed and the detailed  requirements and conditions under which the project is to be performed.  

This solicitation does not commit the Parachute Battlement Mesa Park and Recreation District to award a  contract, pay any cost incurred with the preparation of a proposal, or procure or contract for services or  supplies. The Parachute Battlement Mesa Park and Recreation District reserve the right to accept or reject any  or all proposals received in response to this request, to negotiate with any qualified source, or cancel in whole  or part this proposal process if it is in the best interest of the District to do so. Subsequent to contract  negotiations, prospective consultants may be required to submit revisions to their proposals. All proposers  should note that any contract pursuant to this solicitation is dependent upon the recommendation of the  District staff and the approval of the Parachute Battlement Mesa Park and Recreation District Board. 

Preliminary Project Schedule 

The following tentative schedule is anticipated for selection, contract negotiations, and contract award.  Contract award will be expected in late December 2021. The Master Plan associated with this proposal will  commence on or about January 2022. The projected timeline for the preparation and completion of the  Parachute Battlement Mesa Park and Recreation District Phase One Master Plan is six (6) months from the  contract award date.  

General Requirement of the Selected Proposing Firm 

  • Enter into a contract with the District. (These documents and proposal submittals become the  contract). 
  • Maintain insurance coverage for the duration of the contract period. 
  • Prohibited from assigning or subcontracting the whole or any part of the contract without the prior  written consent of the District.
  • Shall not hire, discharge, promote, demote, or otherwise discriminate in matters of compensation,  terms, conditions, or privileges of employment against any person otherwise qualified solely  because of race, creed, sex, national origin, ancestry, physical or mental disability, color or age. 
  • The Consultant shall comply with the applicable provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act  of 1990 as enacted and from time to time amended and any other applicable federal, state, or local  laws and regulations. A signed, written certificate stating compliance with the Americans with  Disabilities Act may be requested at any time during the life of this Agreement or any renewal  thereof. 
  • Operate as an independent contractor and will not be considered employee(s) of the Parachute  Battlement Mesa Park and Recreation District. 
  • The successful Consultant will be paid on actual invoices as work is completed

Evaluation Criteria 

Selection of the successful firm with whom negotiations shall commence will be made through an  evaluation process based on the following criteria: 

Percent Component 
25 Project Approach 

25 Project Team 

20 Past Project Experience & Client References 

15 Project Schedule 

10 Project Fee Structure & Cost Estimate 

5 Presentation of Proposal