Skate Park

The Parachute/Battlement Mesa Park and Recreation District’s Skate Park, which is located in Battlement Mesa, CO by the Bue Underwood Elementary School has a wonderful view of Mt. Callahan. Although the park is not lighted it has 2,000 Sq. Ft. of concrete, skate ramps, rails, and platforms. 

To find the skate park located in Saddleback Recreational area, drive from Battlement Parkway and turn south onto Stone Quarry Road and follow it down to Tamarisk Trail to turn right. Follow the road until you hit Silverton Circle and the skate park will be visible from the street on the left-hand side.

Battlement Mesa Company, Battlement Mesa, Colorado's developer, gave the District 27 acres where the skate park is located. In addition to the skate park, there are two dog parks. One park is designated as a small dog park and the other is for large dogs. Both parks are located in the old ball field area. In total, the District owns 46 acres of land.